2 May 2015

2 May 2015



Typical restaurant Retiro da Cabreira

Its name is due to its prime location along the Serra da Cabreira is in a zone, biogeographic point of view, is classified as a transition between the flora of the Cantabrian region and the flora of the Iberian-Atlantic region. The first type of flora is closer to the Siberian euro flora, dominated by species adapted to heat and relative dryness, but when both factors are mitigated by the regular presence of moist and cool air masses from the Atlantic. The coexistence of these plant species is possible by climate feature of the Serra da Cabreira, which brings together a large water availability, with influence of Mediterranean climate, which marks the progressively more southern regions. In Cabreira were surveyed 256 plant species, 43 having a particular interest for the conservation of the natural heritage because of their rarity, vulnerability, endemic character or endangered species such as holly or endangered species such as holly or Drosera rotundifolia (kind carnivorous). Often visited by many tourists. In an area dominated by rustic decor, the walls are granite, tables and wooden benches among other elements recall the countryside. The kitchen is, of course, regional, honest and tasty, with a specialty in the Anho red wine roasted over a wood fire.


Space created and developed thinking in the development of an objective and thorough work that offers what will best in our land, taking into account our culture and customs.

Ambience and decor: Environment Typical.
Day (s) Closing: Sundays (Dinner) and Wednesday
Specialties: Starters: Ham and salami. Fish: cod and octopus roast with baked potatoes. Meat: roasted kid; Chanfana Goat; Put to Vieira; and Boi na Brasa.
Parking: Yes Private
Payment Methods: All cards
Closing Time: 00:00
Capacity: 170
Notes: It has 3 rooms with fireplace. Terrace. Landscape. Sunday closes at 17:00
Average price: € 17.00
Recommended for groups: Yes
Type of Restaurant: Regional, Portuguese
Hours: 12:00 to 00:00
Smoking Area: Yes


Custom development in processing and marketing of culinary delicacies from the Minho scallop county.

Company specializing in the promotion and organization of festivals and events, conditions essential to develop quality projects, both from own initiative and in partnership. Its location is a huge offer tranquility and a method of communication with cultures, customs and flavors that are becoming increasingly distant, we are on the slopes of Serra da Cabreira right next to the Gerês mountains.